Talking GMC Trailering Technology with Robert Krouse


What should you consider when shopping for a GMC to pull your trailer or boat? What are the common mistakes you should avoid? What are some of the features that make trailering easier? GMC The Magazine asks some of these questions and more to GM Trailering Engineer Robert Krouse.

Read on to discover some valuable information for your summer road trip!

First, the magazine asks what customers should considering when shopping for a GMC to pull their trailer. “They should first verify that the vehicle can handle their load by looking up its published weight ratings,” Robert says. “After doing the math on paper and considering the weight of everything they plan on taking with them, they should take the loaded trailer – as if ready for a trip – to a local scale to verify the weight.”

Drivers should also know the common mistakes when trailering so they can avoid them right at start.

“The tendency is to add more stuff, not thinking how it will impact trailering,” Robert explains. “Also, being in too much of a hurry can be a problem. Drivers need to alter their driving style when trailering so that it’s more defensive and cautious in nature.”

Some GMC models offer such features as Trailer Sway Control, Hill Start Assist, and Integrated Trailer Brake Control. Robert explains the benefits of each.

“Most sway control systems are friction-based and help only after the trailer has begun swaying. Trailer Sway Control is a more comprehensive, electronic system. The GMC system works with the brakes or reduce engine power and engage the trailer brakes as soon as they system senses sway.”

“Hill Start Assist helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward on an incline when drivers move their foot from the brake to the accelerator,” Robert continues. “It gives you more time to execute that maneuver so you don’t roll back and hit a vehicle behind you.”

“Integrated Trailer Brake Control integrates the vehicle brakes with the trailer brakes. Our system better understands driver intent by gauging how hard you’re pressing the brake pedal. It then transfers that information immediately to the trailer brakes for quick stopping response.”

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